RSA Conference 2013 Coverage

Live from RSA Conference 2013, CRN brings you the latest information security news and exclusive insights on cyber terrorism, mobile device security, cloud security and a ton of new security products.

RSA Conference 2013

RSA Conference bills itself as the event "where the world talks security," and given the threat landscape IT is currently facing, there should be plenty to chat about at this year's show. Just this past week, three major social media sites, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, were all hit with significant data breaches. Sprinkle in the security complications that come with BYOD and the cloud, and a week hardly seems like enough time to take in all of the issues facing the security industry.

CRN is of course here to give it our best shot, checking in from San Francisco with news and exclusive analysis of all of the sessions and product announcements relevant to the channel. Be sure to bookmark this page for CRN's up-to-the-minute coverage of RSA Conference 2013.

Getting Weird At RSA 2013: 10 Scenes That Made People Look Twice

Let's face it: Security vendors are getting weird when it comes to marketing their wares, and this year at RSA was no exception. CRN walked the show floor and found 10 scenes that were truly strange.

Apple Vs. Android: Which Smartphone Platform Is Safer?

Five top security researchers reveal their picks for the smartphone platform they believe is the most secure.

20 Examples Of Wacky, Over The Top RSA Signage

The RSA security is a chance for security vendors' marketing teams to go hog-wild, and at this year's show, they did just that. Big data security is fast emerging as the buzzword du jour.

FBI Director Pushes Public-Private Collaboration To Fight Cyberthreats

Government and private industry must work together to combat cyberthreats, FBI director tells RSA Conference attendees.

Verizon 2013 Data Breach Report Will Delve Deeper

A panel of security experts at the RSA Conference reveal that on the black market, the value of medical identification information is 10 to 15 times greater than financial information.

RSA Panel: Thieves Thrive On Stolen Medical Data

Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, which has been the go-to document for a wealth of attack data, has been tilted toward financially motivated cybercrime. A dozen new sources will increase its visibility into targeted attacks and intellectual property theft.

Big Data Could Bolster Security Models, But It's Early, says RSA Chairman

President Obama's cybersecurity executive order could force a limited number of businesses to make improvements to their security postures, but the vast majority of any security best practices will be voluntary, say several former and current government officials at the 2013 RSA Conference.

Presidential Cybersecurity Order: Channel Impact Depends On Implementation

Big data security analytics will help organizations keep pace with adversaries and in many instances get ahead of them, but no security model is a panacea, said RSA executive chairman Art Coviello in a keynote kicking off the 2013 RSA Conference.

DHS Cybersecurity Official Says Industry Falling Behind Attackers

Speaking at the Cloud Security Alliance Summit at RSA Conference 2013, DHS' Mark Weatherford said the security industry needs to stop relying on outdated technologies and create new ways to address system vulnerabilities, threat detection and authentication.

8 Must-See Security Sessions To Attend At RSA Conference 2013

From third-party data breaches to offensive security and dangerous attack techniques, here's a rundown of a handful of RSA Conference sessions that will pique your interest.

Security Pros Say Lack Of Skilled Workers Is The Biggest Threat

An (ISC)2 survey of more than 12,000 information security professionals finds that most of them are under pressure to hire skilled talent in the wake of growing concern over hacktivism and targeted attacks.

5 Most Dangerous New Hacking Techniques

From scrubbing memory of data to leaving a phony trail in malware code, some attackers are upping the ante when it comes to hacking into systems and stealing corporate data or controlling processes, say security experts who outlined the threat trends at the 2013 RSA Conference.

CERT: Insider Threats Can Have Costly Security Consequences

CERT details how malicious insiders have sabotaged computer networks, stolen confidential corporate information and installed malware.

Misconfigured Security Appliances, Basic Missteps Central To Data Breaches: Experts

Some companies are ripping out appliances because complexity and a host of poorly configured devices are contributing to the data breach epidemic, say a group of security experts.

Sophos' New Channel Chief: Partnerships Are A Two-Way Street

In an interview with CRN less than one day into his new role, Mike Valentine says he will bring his own philosophy to Sophos' channel organization while he seeks to reignite business with North American VARs.

Google, Facebook Duke It Out With Microsoft Over Online Privacy

Google and Facebook feel they've been unfairly maligned in the online privacy debate, while Microsoft and Mozilla are using Do Not Track to protect users. At RSA, the two sides met face-to-face.

Security Expert: Trusting Service Providers With Security Is Dangerous

Bruce Schneier, CTO at BT Managed Security Solutions and an all-around security superstar, compares the current state of online services to the age of feudalism -- and guess who the serfs are?

Microsoft: It's Not All Doom And Gloom In Cybersecurity

Despite ongoing challenges in the security industry, Microsoft's Scott Charney cites reasons for optimism.

Microsoft: It's Not All Doom And Gloom In Cybersecurity

Despite ongoing challenges in the security industry, Microsoft's Scott Charney cites reasons for optimism.

8 Cool Network Security Products At RSA 2013

Network security appliance vendors are adding new features that could provide better protection from targeted attacks, sophisticated malware and zero-day exploits.

10 Innovative Security Startups To Watch

Fledgling security vendors vie for the title of most innovative company at RSA Conference 2013 as part of the event's Innovation Sandbox program.

RSA Conference: Big Data, BYOD Join Other Hot Security Topics

The security industry's largest conference will focus on security fundamentals and risk-based decisions. But, mobile security and big data analytics will take center stage at RSA as well.