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SHI Cyberattack: ‘Vast Majority’ Of Systems Now ‘Fully Operational’

Mark Haranas

‘All sales teams across SHI now have restored access to all systems necessary to help customers get quotes and pricing, place orders, and manage contracts,’ says SHI International in a blog post.


After more than a week following its major cyberattack, SHI International says the “vast majority” of its internal and external-facing systems are “fully operational” as of Monday morning.

“Customers can now log in to their accounts on (enhanced security protocols are in place) and can resume placing and tracking orders,” said SHI in statement today relating to the security incident. “All sales teams across SHI now have restored access to all systems necessary to help customers get quotes and pricing, place orders, and manage contracts.”

The $12 billion global IT solution provider giant said customer integrations with SHI for ordering and other functions are now fully operational again.

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The company’s integration centers are now fully staffed for warehouse operations, configuration and deployment. “Our team is working hard to get caught up fully on all outstanding tasks,” said SHI.

SHI said the security and integrity of SHI’s systems, and by extension the security of its customers, “is paramount to SHI and we continue to bring more systems online in a carefully controlled manner.”

The SHI Malware Attack

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, SHI International was hit by a coordinated and professional malware attack.

The malware attack apparently caused various disruptions for the company including its website largely being down until today. However, SHI said last week that the indecent was swiftly identified and measures were enacted to minizine the impact on SHI’s systems and operations.

“These preventative measures included taking some systems, including SHI’s public websites and email, offline while the attack was investigated and the integrity of those systems was assessed,” said SHI last week when confirming the attack.

‘No Evidence’ SHI Customer Data Exfiltrated

The Somerset, N.J.-based solution provider has maintained throughout the ordeal that there’s “no evidence” that any customer data had been exfiltrated during the initial attack.

“At this time, we have no evidence that any sensitive customer data was compromised,” said SHI on July 8 in a blog post.

SHI confirmed on Friday that it had brought in a forensic service provider and law enforcement to help investigate the cyberattack.

It is still not clear who launched the cybersecurity attack against SHI.

SHI has about 15,000 corporate, public sector and other customers around the world. The company itself has more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

Mark Haranas

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