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SHI International Malware Attack: 5 Big Things To Know

Mark Haranas, Jay Fitzgerald

From delays to restoring some systems to potential impact on customers, here are five things customers and partners need to know about the recent malware cyberattack on SHI International.

Delay In Restoring Some Systems: It May Be A Good Sign

SHI says the “coordinated and professional malware attack” occurred over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. It doesn’t say which day or days, specifically.

The company praised the “quick reaction of the security and IT teams at SHI” for identifying the attack and taking immediate action.

“These preventative measures included taking some systems, including SHI’s public websites and email, offline while the attack was investigated and the integrity of those systems was assessed.”

Though the company said that its staff has access to email again and that the firm “continues to work on bringing back other systems back to full availability in a secure and reliable manner,” the company’s website remained down as of early afternoon on Thursday.

Kevin McDonald, the COO and CISO at Alvaka Networks, an advance network service provider, said it’s actually a “good sign” that some of SHI’s internal systems are still down. Why? Because it may indicate the firm is being thorough in its review of software and in addressing real and potential problems tied to the attack.

Too often, companies that get attacked put too high a premium on getting systems back up, rather than making sure they’re safe, said McDonald.

“Nothing about the delay in restoring services surprises me,” he said of SHI’s apparent slow recovery of services. “I’m actually encouraged by what I’m seeing.”

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