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SHI International Malware Attack: 5 Big Things To Know

Mark Haranas, Jay Fitzgerald

From delays to restoring some systems to potential impact on customers, here are five things customers and partners need to know about the recent malware cyberattack on SHI International.

What Are The Feds Doing?

In its message to the public, SHI said it’s “liaising with federal bodies including the FBI and CISA.”

So this must mean this is a serious situation needing serious involvement of serious players to combat a serious cyberthreat. Right? Probably. But not necessarily.

McDonald says companies hit by cyberattacks will often mention that law enforcement agencies have been contacted, as a way to reassure the public that they’re taking steps to address a problem.

“It’s a great way to make people feel warm and fuzzy,” he said.

Still, McDonald noted that New Jersey-based SHI is a very large IT player in America – and that he wouldn’t be surprised if the company called in the FBI and CISA calvary.

CRN did seek comment from the FBI and CISA about the SHI case, but has yet to hear back from the federal agencies.

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