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The 10 Coolest Cybersecurity Tools and Products In 2022 (So Far)

Jay Fitzgerald

From electric-car security software to advanced AI recon products, there’s no shortage of intriguing new cybersecurity offerings.

As the strategies and tactics of threat actors become ever more sophisticated, the cybersecurity tools used to defend organizations need to keep pace.

And the first half of 2022 definitely saw its share of new cybersecurity startups and new cybersecurity products coming to market to combat a wide range of cyberattacks against corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations.

The products range from email verifications and protections to AI tools that act like advanced military reconnaissance units seeking to make contact with adversaries and learn what those threat actors are planning.

The coolest products come from both big and small cybersecurity companies, young and old companies, and profitable and non-profitable companies.

There are literally scores and scores of fascinating new cybersecurity tools that have emerged since the start of the year.

The following are 10 cool cybersecurity products and tools so far in 2022:

* Arctic Wolf: Tetra Defense’s MyCyber

* Pindrop’s enhanced voice technology

* Veracode’s Continuous Software Security Platform 

* Trend Micro’s VicOne

* Trend Micro One

* Microsoft Security Experts 

* Palo Alto Networks’ ‘Autonomous SOC’

* Mandiant Digital Risk Protection

* SentinelOne’s Singularity Vulnerability Mapping

* Fortinet’s FortiRecon

Jay Fitzgerald

Jay Fitzgerald is a senior editor covering cybersecurity for CRN. Jay previously freelanced for the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Boston magazine, Banker & Tradesman,, Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, the National Bureau of Economic Research and other entities. He can be reached at

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