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The 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startup Companies Of 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

Investors are still pouring big bucks into cloud security as more and more companies migrate to the cloud

The headlines may be dominated these days by news of layoffs at tech companies in general.

But cybersecurity seems to be holding up a bit better due to the huge demand for more and better cybersecurity solutions – and cloud security is the most in-demand category of cybersecurity.

The reason for the high demand for cloud security: the ongoing huge migration to the cloud by companies still dealing with the recent rise of remote working and increasing use of mobile devices of all types.

The net result has been investors continuing to pour money into promising cloud-security startups, despite the economic headwinds that have generally made investors more cautious.

Some of the security startups are all in when it comes to the cloud, while others straddle the fence between cloud and on-prem security.

The following is a look at some of the hottest cloud startups that have made their mark this year:

* Cado Security

* Ermetic

* Flow Security

* Immuta

* Laminar

* Lightspin

* Mitiga

* Netskope

* Oxeye

* Wiz

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