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The Top 25 IT Innovators Of 2022

CRN Staff

The ability to drive innovation for technology products, solutions and services is the hallmark of CRN’s Top 25 Innovators of 2022 list.

1. Danny Jenkins

Co-Founder, CEO


One of the security industry’s most innovative visionaries and a true cybersecurity maverick, Jenkins is turning the tide on the barrage of attacks battering MSPs with ThreatLocker’s deny by default whitelisting and ringfencing technology.

The indefatigable Jenkins stared down the skeptics who scoffed at that technology, which is now being embraced by MSPs and even large enterprises at a breakneck pace.

In April alone, ThreatLocker added 700 new MSPs to its community and is on pace to add a total of 3,000 MSPs in 2022.

“Ransomware is the biggest threat to any individual MSP, but it is also the biggest threat to the industry as a whole because when one of your peers gets hit by ransomware and it makes the headlines, it makes it harder for MSPs to sell their services to businesses,” he told CRN in May. “Once MSPs start treating security with a sense of urgency, the world will be a better place,” he said. 

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