Todyl Introduces First-Ever MSP Partner Program To Support Enhanced SASE Capabilities

‘We’re seeing partners increase their MRR (monthly recurring revenue) across the board 15 [percent] to 25 percent by providing an elevated security service to their customers,’ said Todyl Channel Chief Darrin Swan.

Todyl, a unified security cloud platform vendor, invites Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) to join its Next Generation MSP partner program to “connect and protect the work-from-everywhere economy.”

John Nellen, founder and CEO of the Denver-based company, and Darrin Swan, Todyl channel chief sat down with CRNtv for an exclusive interview about the company’s latest enhancements to its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform, its first-ever partner program as well as its revamped partner web site to support its growing demand, “which more importantly reflects all of the new features and functionality that we released in Q1,” said Nellen.

Here’s a look at some of CRNtv’s exclusive interview with Nellen and Swan:

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Can you talk about what went behind putting together the company’s new partner program?

Nellen: We’re very excited to launch it and we’re calling it the ‘Next Generation MSP Partner Program,’ and the story behind why we’re calling it the Next Generation Partner Program is really because of the transformation we heard from our partners during the pandemic, during the transition to work from everywhere.

Not only were the small, medium businesses, the mid-market that our partners were serving transformed, but they themselves transformed as well, and Todyl was a big part in helping that transformation, helping them get to be cloud-first, security-first, helping them deliver comprehensive networking and security, and they actually were telling us it’s almost like it was the next generation of their business.

So what we did is we created the Next Generation Partner Program to help scale that success, share the stories and share the different means that partners took to help elevate their business with our entire partner base.

Now what are you hearing from partners? And how are you evaluating their feedback?

Nellen: I think the biggest conversation we’re having is that there is still a lot of uncertainty about what direction are the businesses going to go in: are they going to go hybrid, are they going to split their time, are they going fully back in the office?

The solution that partners deliver needs to be able to handle all the permutations of what the small/medium businesses, along with the mid-market, need. That means being able to deliver networking and security effectively regardless of where the users and devices are located.

Swan: And what we’re seeing is most providers are kind of experiencing stack bloat. They have too many tools, and there’s a natural diminishing law of utility. You can’t scale effectively with too many parts and pieces.

So they’re really looking for a method to streamline and be more effective, and that’s where Todyl really comes in as we consolidate what’s needed to provide an effective Security-as-a-Service offering to their clients.

And what is your sales projection for partners who join the program?

Swan: We’re seeing partners increase their MRR (monthly recurring revenue) across the board 15 [percent] to 25 percent by providing an elevated security service to their customers.

Most partners, they won’t invoke their own annual escalators, and here we have a critical security need where everyone must be protected and security should be non-optional, [so] they just need help having that right conversation… And so we help them with that natural, nice easy answer for pretty significant MRR growth.

Tune in to CRNtv to learn more about Todyl’s latest enhancements, plus its new partner program.