Watch: VARs Address Customer Security Concerns

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Heartbleed. Target. The NSA. Data and security breaches have ruled the headlines in the past year, and no company is immune to skilled hackers. How are solution providers handling the near-constant news of new threats?

:Every time you see a data breach on NBC nightly news, you know, we get a phone call," said Jeremy Hill of solution provider JMark. "We've actually started using that to be proactive and we're sending out notifications to clients about these security breaches and security holes so that we can be the trusted adviser, so they’re not just seeing it on the news, they’re hearing it from us.’

With more business and data moving into the cloud, security is increasingly top-of-mind for customers.

"Everybody's concerned about security; I think we'll see that become a much bigger industry," said CBC Data Technologies CEO Cameron Crowe. "The thing is when you talk about the public cloud in terms of security, they're already doing that compared to what anybody's doing on-premise.’

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However, not all customers are getting the message, and some solution providers are aiming to get the information out to the market.

"In the midmarket, I think that a lot of customers still feel that they're not going to be subject to these kinds of attacks. But certainly at Starnet we feel an enhanced sense of responsibility to let them know that the threats are real and they need to take the steps to protect themselves," said Starnet President and CEO Steve Marks.