Government Is Slow To Invest In Cybersecurity

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No one is immune to cybersecurity attacks, but according to many solution providers, plenty of businesspeople and private citizens still behave as though they are. Whether you work for the government or a small startup, everyone is at risk.

’It’s affecting everyone from the home user to the business user,’ said George Pashardis, vice president at ePlus Technology.

’These attacks come out of the blue and they’re crippling and they’re devastating, and even if you’re not in an industry that’s high-tech, high-security, thinking, ’Oh, why would anyone look at me?’ trust me, they are,’ said Neil Cohen, director of business development at Cobra First Responder Software. ’Because they’re smarter, they know the linkages between you and maybe another party, and then actually the third party is who they’re trying to get to and you’re the vulnerability point.’

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What is keeping people, particularly in the government space, from investing more in cybersecurity? Some solution providers say the government is trying to protect itself but faces familiar roadblocks.

’Money’s a problem, the slowness of making decisions in government is a problem,’ said President and CEO of PS Partnerships Scott Lewis. ’But I think everybody’s starting to understand the issue and the problem there, so government’s a little bit better now than it was yesterday, today and moving forward.’