VARs: End Users Still Naive About Security

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Despite the weekly news stories detailing data breaches and hacks, many solution providers say their customers remain ignorant when it comes to keeping their own data secure.

"We don't see people being more concerned about it, but we do see people being hacked more and more," said Adam Berg of Computer-EZ.

Simple rules to live by, such as providing a complex and often-changing password, go by the wayside. "How many times do you have to have your email hacked before you decide to have a password that’s not ’dog?' " Berg said.

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A bigger problem is customers being duped into giving out credit card information over the phone to callers who they believe are IT specialists or solution providers. Microcosm’s Jeannette Movsesian said she hears reports from her customers regarding hackers impersonating employees from Microsoft and other big companies "five times a week, minimum."

But what makes the real difference when it comes to protecting information? Educating employees.

"You still have to say, 'I don’t care that she wants to go on Facebook during her lunch hour, we blocked that for a reason,' " said Land Computer’s Sue Trahant.

"The No. 1 antivirus program on the market is the end user. No software is better than the end user at preventing infections and the spread of malware," agreed solution provider Richard Trahant.