Exabeam Wants To Prevent Another Snowden

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Security vendor Exabeam hit the market in February and in just five months has seen 262 percent of the growth it had projected for all of 2015.

The company offers services around translating security data collected by companies on internal networks. The services operate similarly to the way a bank tracks behavior from credit card users.

’Exabeam is able to use data science to find normal user behavior patterns and quickly detect when a user is doing something abnormal,’ said Executive Vice President Ralph Pisani.

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’The big challenge that a lot of companies have is that they’re unable to detect an attacker that has somehow compromised an inside user, he said.

Pisani called Exabeam an ’emerging technology’ player in a new category of cybersecurity. ’Companies have realized that their traditional perimeter defenses have kind of fallen, or have only gotten them so far in the detection game,’ he said.

Exabeam’s next moves will be around innovation in prevention of what the federal government calls the ’Snowden use case’ or, as Pisani explained it, ’an employee behaving badly.’