CloudLock Delivers 'Transformative' Cybersecurity-As-A-Service Offering

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Add cybersecurity to the list of products now offered as a service: Waltham, Mass.-based cloud security specialist CloudLock has introduced a Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offering.

’We’ve architected our product in the cloud and as a cloud-native application from the very beginning. And so our announcement is really about opening up our APIs to allow customers to leverage the same products and capabilities that we’ve built into our product into their products that they’re building today. And most of them are building in the cloud,’ CloudLock founder and CEO Gil Zimmermann said.

Zimmermann called the offering ’transformative’ for organizations. It will include off-the-shelf SaaS, IaaS, IDaaS, and custom apps.

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’We picked a people-centric approach to security, understanding that as applications and data find their way and move to the cloud, it’s only natural that security will need to follow suit,’ said Zimmermann.

The CEO promised companies ’can be more secure in the cloud than they’ve ever been on-premise.’

CloudLock hopes to increase its already solid presence in the channel with solution providers and ISVs. Zimmermann said that because attacks now target users more than actual infrastructure, it’s easier than ever for partners to enter the security space.

’A lot of the existing channel partners are better equipped to deal with the security conversation than they’ve ever been in the past, and they may not realize it,’ he said.