Deloitte Recommends Remedy To Security 'Catch-Up' Game

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Today’s technologies promise to bring speed and efficiency to business and everyday life, but Deloitte’s Emily Mossburg said a key component has long been missing from the forefront of innovation: the protection of users and enterprises from adversaries. At MassTLC’s Security Conference in Boston this week, Mossburg told the audience the overwhelming focus on improving speed and efficiency in technology has the entire industry playing ’an amazing catch-up game’ when it comes to securing that technology.

Mossburg said innovators made the error of focusing technologies on only ’growth and sharing.’

’The very platforms, the very environments, the very infrastructures that we all are focused on growing are focused on sharing. They were built to share data, they were built to bring data together, to allow us to get more value from that data,’ she said.

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’There was no thought about what are the risks associated with us sharing this data, what are the risks to us as individuals, what are the risks to our enterprise?’

To remedy the problem, enterprises need to do more than secure vulnerable legacy systems. As recommended byBlack Duck Software’s Lou ShipleyandMIT’s Sanjay Sarmain recent public talks, it’s critical that security is considered from the very beginning of innovation and development. The technology and system development cycle needs to change drastically so that enterprises can move to the front of the problem, rather than constantly chasing a new threat.