Security Experts Recommend Finding A Specialization Within The Field

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Security has grown massively as a business in recent years, but it can be a daunting field to enter.

’It does take -- in my opinion -- it does take somebody who understands the nature of the business, the nature of security, in order to best serve their customers,’ said John Shier, senior security expert at Sophos. At a recent CRN roundtable, he called security a ’huge business.’

Those looking to get into the security game may wonder whether it’s better to start off as a jack-of-all-trades, or to pick one aspect of security and become an expert in that feature. CRN asked security experts to weigh in from their experiences.

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’I would suggest starting with one or two partners and solving a small problem rather than getting a lot of vendors," recommended Devin Archer, channel director at Forescout. "Choose something and get nimble at it and good at it, because that expertise at one thing will lead to expertise at adjacent things.’

Fortinet’s Joseph Sykora agreed, saying, ’Obviously specializing, I see more people being successful that way.’

So there you have it, the panelists concurred: If you want to cash in on security services, get to know one area of the field, and learn it well.