Digital Guardian Expands Channel Footprint, Adds Partner Portal

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Data protection company Digital Guardian has reaffirmed its commitment to the channel with a new partner portal and internal expansion of ’about 300 percent,’ according to Vice President David McKeough.

Digital Guardian’s channel program is about a year old, but McKeough called the portal launch ’a big step.’

’Having a partner portal just helps operationalize it. I think it shows that we’re serious about this,’ he said.

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Digital Guardian focuses on ’ubiquitous data protection,’ which extends beyond compliance.

’When you’re secure, you’re almost always compliant. But when you’re compliant, you’re not always secure,’ McKeough said.

’We make sure that the data stays where it should,’ he added.

According to the vice president, breaches become a massive issue for a company when data actually leaks. Because of that, Digital Guardian sees data protection as ’the last line of security.’

McKeough said the company’s next goal is to boost verticalization ’around the globe.’