RSA President: 'The Cybersecurity Industry Has Really Failed'

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RSA President Amit Yoran has often been publicly critical of the manner in which the cybersecurity industry operates in the U.S., and he recently went so far as to say the industry has ’really failed.’

Yoran called the model through which today’s cybersecurity technology firms operate ’nonsensical,’ criticizing everything from failing firewalls to intrusion detection systems.

’The number of gaps is just entirely unmanageable,’ he said. ’So the challenges are great, and our industry seems to have evolved with sort of minor iterations on a broken paradigm.’

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’There’s too many flaws in hardware, in firmware, in software, in operating systems, in applications.’

Yoran said the attitude of businesses spending money on security, as well as security firms themselves, needs to adjust and prioritize monitoring and response activity. He said the correct attitude now is, ’Bad things are going to happen and how do you live in that environment.’

’How do you detect better, faster, how do you respond faster,’ he said.