Proofpoint Targets Phishing Attacks In Enterprise

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Advanced cybersecurity company Proofpoint has aggressively pursued market share in the growing security space, and the company’s focus remains on email.

’It’s important for the channel community because it’s so important for the end customers, so you know, regardless of the analysts you follow, just about all of them agree that the number one threat vector in the market is email,’ said Tracey Newell, executive vice president of sales at Proofpoint.

Newell said Proofpoint’s expertise at preventing and stopping phishing attacks makes the company particularly adept at protecting email, as well as social media and mobile applications. With BYOD continuing to grow in the enterprise, protecting mobile applications is more important than ever.

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Newell added that to combat the ever-evolving threat landscape, Proofpoint operates on a release cycle of every six weeks. It has also specialized in protecting the cloud in the enterprise.

Proofpoint focuses on advanced prevention techniques, but Newell added that the company is just as focused on rapid response when things do go wrong.