Cybereason Exec: Ransomware Attackers Are Expert Marketers

In a recent interview with CRNtv, Israel Barak, Chief Information Security Officer at Cybereason, explains ways to reduce the security risk in companies by engaging personnel in the effort to keep things safe.

Barak mentions that ransomware typically gets delivered through the same mechanisms as traditional malware. He says that it is imperative to train personnel on the ways to avoid these risks.

’What we see today is that the distributors of ransomware are becoming more and more sophisticated – they’re becoming expert marketers,’ said Barak.

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He mentions that the training and service aspect is a good thing to have in place in any company.

’They really understand who they target, and they target better and better in terms of the type of organizations and the type of social profiles, and the way they try to entice people to go to a website.’

But, because of gaps in the structure due to human error, it is important to be aware of the threats and implement the right security technology and training to combat them.