Mobility Minute: Tapping Into The Biometric Security Opportunity

Hacking and identity theft cases are plastered all over the news and, given how easily phones can be lost or stolen, the risks can be high for mobile users.

In a survey done last year by Gigya, more than half of the 4,000 end-user respondents said they prefer a modern authentication solution over traditional passwords.

In addition to traditional security methods, such as pattern, PIN and passcode, Samsung is introducing and supporting a broad range of security authentication mechanisms for its Galaxy S8 and S8+ models, according to Senior Product Marketing Manager Jennifer Arnold.

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Samsung's newest phone models incorporate biometric technology to add additional layers of security with facial recognition, fingerprint capabilities and iris scanning.

According to Mike Coleman, vice president of mobile channels at Samsung, the need for additional security creates a tremendous opportunity for solution provider partners.

"With the new iris scan, the face recognition, the fingerprint, as well as traditional pin and password, there's lots of opportunities, especially in regulated markets, for us to work closely with partners to build that security authentication into the applications for those end users," said Coleman.

Selling to regulated markets, like banking and brokerage firms, creates a greater need for heightened security.

"Face recognition is extremely convenient. It's a very quick way to unlock your device," said Arnold. "However, fingerprint and iris scanning offer much higher levels of security.

"The iris is extremely difficult to replicate. In addition, it is naturally highly immutable. Your iris at 5 [years old] is going to be the same iris pattern at 50."