Former Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley: 'We Can’t Be Afraid Of New Frontiers Like Cloud'

Martha Coakley, a partner at Kelly and Hoag LLP and this year's keynote speaker at the Mass Bay Security Summit in Wellesley, Mass., calls the use of cloud in enterprise an "educational issue."

Coakley, who served two terms as Middlesex district attorney and two terms as the state's attorney general. likened the ability to code today with people learning to read and write after the invention of the printing press. She said that it's important to stay abreast of the changes being made in technology to use them to our advantage.

"So much of what we do and are able to do is based upon this language and the capabilities that it gives us. You don't have to be a computer or IT expert to understand the basics of it so that you can use it and not be afraid of it," said Coakley.

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She admitted that with cloud computing comes some risk, but that when it is used and "cared for" correctly, it can do far more good than harm.

"This fear of the unknown has been true for any new form of technology over the years, and I think that having a common sense approach will allow us to employ our native intelligence and balance the potential threats with the many benefits," she said.

At the Summit, she encouraged audience members, saying they shouldn't be afraid of new technologies and where they might take us.