Sophos' Dan Schiappa On The Importance Of Being Predictive, Not Reactive, With Endpoint Security

CRNtv recently spoke with Dan Schiappa, Sophos senior vice president and general manager of the End-User and Network Security Groups, about the evolving endpoint security landscape. Companies today should heighten their focus on predictive measures of protection, Schiappa said.

"I think where endpoint protection is going in the future has to be coupled with where the attacks are going," he said. "I think the big change is that we have to move from a reactive world to a predictive world."

Preventing exploits and understanding the way hackers plan to attack a vulnerability before they actually do so is paramount, according to Schiappa.

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"The ability to leverage things like deep learning and machine learning in order to predict the types of attacks, instead of reacting to them, is really where the market is going," he said.

It is imperative for companies to get ahead of the game concerning the threats that are out there, he said. "Considering the rate at which the 'bad guys' are moving, being prepared is necessary in order to be safe and successful," Schiappa said.