Security Minute: Increase Security With A Single View Of Your Customer's Threat Landscape

According to FortiGuard Research, nearly 6,000 exploit detections, 15,000 unique variants of malware and 518 daily botnet commands per firm occurred in just the third quarter of 2017.

Mark Miller, vice president of network security and managed services provider Kudelski Security, knows first-hand the challenges solution providers face in the ever-changing, volatile IT market that now includes public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and the Internet of Things.

"Today’s threats are ever-changing and ever-evolving. There are many threats, as everybody knows, daily, every hour, every minute," said Miller. "We do innovation, integration and architecture for our customers. Due to the fact that they are understaffed and struggling with security today, something with a single pane of glass, ease of use, ease of management is critical."

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Kudelski Security is offering Fortinet's security fabric to its customers, or what Miller calls a single pane of glass approach.

So what does this approach entail?

"Partners can think about the fabric as a broad solution set that's able to integrate technologies and that are able to automate response," said Jon Bov, vice president of channel sales at Fortinet.

The fabric ties Fortinet's solutions together with third party vendor solutions so that customers can see the entire security posture of their organization on one console. It's an architectural approach that's interoperable, automated and requires less staff.

"You’ve got malware, ransomware, the same old viruses and things that are out there, and the fabric really is changing the game," said Bov.

Changing the game in the sense that solution providers will no longer have to look at many different buckets or consoles to see where the security threats lie.