Security Minute: Making Margins With Managed Services

It's the packages and services you can wrap around innovative security technology that makes it worth your time and money.

"We built our practice around a few tenants to help us make it a profitable business," said John Gapinski, founder and president of Secured Retail Networks.

The first of those tenants is to stay within a limited number of verticals, so that you're not stretched too thin. The second is to only focus on only a few vendors, allowing your team to become experts.

"We also focus a lot on services, so professional services, which is a natural extension of being highly trained on the solutions that we provide, as well as managed services for organizations that prefer to fully outsource certain functions."

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Secured Retail Networks offers security solutions to restaurants and retail companies, both of which compromise widely distributed mid-enterprise environments. Fortinet's Security Fabric is one of the solutions Gapinski markets to customers.

"What we provide is an integrated approach so all our security elements can talk to each other through a single console," said John Maddison, SVP of products and solutions at Fortinet.

"It's very helpful to have a fabric and a partnership ecosystem where the various components of a solution you put forth are feeding information back into a single pane of glass, single platform for management and for analysis of data," according to Gapinski.

Instead of trying to manage the 20-to-30 point solutions on several different platforms, Gapinski's team can view customers' entire security posture on one console.

"It reduces the amount of complexity that we have to manage and it reduces the amount of solutions that we need to become experts at, so we’re more effective and faster in terms of managing these solutions," said Gapinski.

That single management platform is even more important as the number and variety of security threats increase.