Security Minute: Affordable Core Solutions to Prevent Mounting Threats

We're coming off a year where credit bureau Equifax reported a massive data breach exposing 145 million people's personal information.

Why do you need to pay attention? Because your customers are.

The public and congressional outcry after the Equifax breach makes mounting security a threats a priority for your clients in 2018.

"The threats are monumental. There are hundreds of thousands of threats coming out every month," said Susan Crabtree, president of Mission Critical Systems.

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Security-only VAR Mission Critical Systems has seen increasing concern among customers over getting breached.

"We’ve had large organizations that have been in the news, everything from large retailers to the U.S. government," said Crabtree.

That means Mission Critical Systems' customers - as well as yours - want to be equipped to prevent threats like malware. The catch is, most customers have to get that protection on a budget.

"They have to leverage the technologies that they have, they have to make budgetary decisions on what they’re doing, and they have to balance the money they have going against the obvious threats and making sure they’re compliant with their regulatory requirements," said Crabtree.

Mission Critical Systems calms customer's concerns by offering Fortinet's security fabric as a way to integrate the technologies customers already have on one console.

"All the individual elements can communicate with each other, share threat intelligence, share mitigation information through a single solution and policy and then through a single reporting system," said John Maddison, SVP of products and solutions at Fortinet.

The value of having that fabric is being able to see where your problems lie, if you don’t have one pane of glass, you’re having to go to many different buckets to look at where your problems lie."

Security Fabric is a core solution gives your customers peace-of-mind in a world of mounting security threats while allowing them leverage their existing technologies. It also offers and architectural approach that's interoperable, automated and shows you the potential threats on one console.