Security Minute: 3 Reasons Why Partners Choose Fortinet; Reason One

Having the right protection to swiftly respond to threats in a customer's network determines whether solution providers will retain them or not. If your customers are victims of a security breach on your watch, you can likely kiss that revenue goodbye.

The number one reason partners choose Fortinet is for its reputation as a top cybersecurity company. Fortinet is the only company with security solutions for network, endpoint, application, data center and cloud - with infrastructure designed to work as an integrated solution.

John Maddison, SVP of products and solutions at Fortinet, says, "I think the results speak for themselves. As of last quarter, Fortinet now is the fifth largest, what I call, B2B cybersecurity company. Out of those top five companies, we're the fastest growing in terms of billing."

That success is being driven by the company's cutting-edge technology in a crowded marketplace.

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Founder and president of Secured Retail Networks John Gapinski says his company developed a partnership with Fortinet about eight years ago. "Back then they had an appropriate range of firewall products that could be delivered to a distributed retail environment," he says.

That was just the early days of what morphed into today's fabric-ready solutions.

"So now as they continue to expand that, we demonstrated that we chose the right vendor, because they've started adding a lot of different solutions around cloud security, around endpoint security, mail security, web security," says Gapinski. "As we've continued to strengthen that partnership, we've grown the solutions that we deliver to our customers."

The fabric ties Fortinet's and third-party vendor's solutions together, so solution providers and their customers can see the entire security posture of their organization on one console.