Security Minute: 3 Reasons Why Partners Should Choose Fortinet: Single Pane of Glass Approach

Fortinet Security Fabric

John Maddison, SVP of products and solutions at Fortinet says, ’the single pane of glass is extremely important going forward. I don’t think there’s that many vendors that have one across the breadth of security products that we have.’

This single pane of glass approach is important for a few reasons. One, a policy gets across the entire attack surface quickly. Two, there’s coordination across those different security elements. And three, the same reports are sent to board level and administrators efficiently.

Founder and president of Secured Retail Networks John Gapinski says, ’it’s very helpful to have a fabric and a partnership ecosystem where the various components of a solution you put forth are feeding information back into a single pane of glass, single platform for management and for analysis of data.’

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Now, your team can see all threats on one console. And, Fortinet’s fabric also ties Fortinet’s solutions together with those of third-party vendor’s.

Ryan Young, Director of engineering services at Vandis, says, ’the fabric gives you the ability to show the customer that it’s very easy to extend your ROI immediately just by enabling the fabric, integrating with what you already own as you start to add other products from the Fortinet portfolio into the security fabric.’

And we all know pleasing you customers means retaining them.