Jumio's Technology Creates Blockchain Passport

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Jumio is changing the game of digital identity verification.

Launched in 2008, the company uses computer vision technology, machine learning and live verification experts to verify a user’s identity. The company, which partners with Branddocs, Blue Turtle and GlobeOne, has seen strong growth in recent years. In April, the company partnered with Insights Network, an EOS blockchain-based data exchange, to create a blockchain “passport”.

“We use a combination of biometric facial recognition and identity experts to identify your real-world identity with your digital identity," said Jennifer Valdivia, marketing program manager at Jumio. “With our Netverifiy platform we enable you to take a selfie, we use biometric facial recognition to verify you’re currently there – that your ID and passport is a verified document.”

Insight Network lets users manage, own and monetize their data through its InStar Wallet. CRNtv got a look at the technology in action. 

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