Security Minute: Cyber Threat Assessment; Knowing Your Customers’ Vulnerabilities


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Secure network architectures need to constantly evolve to keep up with all the advanced, persistent cybersecurity threats out there today.

But how do you—as a solution provider—get insight into the application vulnerabilities attacking your customers’ networks, the peer-to-peer apps that are running on their systems and finally how their networks are being utilized and performing?

“The impact of a major security incident can be so devastating to a business,” says Peter Kujawa, division president of EO Johnson - Locknet Managed IT Services. His company offers a full range of managed security services to clients, which are mainly in the community banks and credit union space. So, offering an additional level of security and compliance awareness is crucial.

“Fortinet has really checked a lot of the boxes of what we’re looking for over the years,” says Kujawa. “We do a lot of assessments for our clients’ presale, and the Cyber Threat Assessment is definitely part of what we do to get the clients’ overall security environments, and it’s been very affective for us.”

Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment does this by helping your customers get an inside look at the real-world threats they’re dealing with at their business. “From a partner’s perspective, it gives them an ability to drop a Fortinet device into the customer’s network and see everything that’s happening there,” says Stephan Tallent, senior director of managed security service provider and service enablement at Fortinet.

That includes OneDrive accounts that are being used to siphon information out of the network, malware, phishing exploits and more. And, all you do is use the same device that you would already be implementing to secure the network.

“It provides a very graphical and easy-to-read report for the customer to see that, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got all this malware in there. I had no idea, and I’ve got Bob who is uploading all of my secrets into his OneDrive account, and I had no idea, right?’” says Tallent.

Fortinet says 90-percent of the time, the Cyber Threat Assessment turns interest into a sale for partners. And all it takes is less than 7 days of monitoring.

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