DARPA-backed Allure Security Launches Channel Program

About one year after its launch, Allure Security is saying hello to the channel.

The Waltham, Mass.-based security startup kicked off its channel program last month. The company, backed by $10 million in DARPA funding, is the brainchild of Columbia University scientists, who produced a technology that tracks and protects documents.

Allure Security Channel Chief John Sullivan says the technology fits well with a solution provider’s existing portfolio. Benefits of the partner program include: co-marketing and lead generation, sales enablement and proof of concept to accelerate the sales cycle.

The company has 11 patents for its Allure DDR. The technology tags data with beacons and maps all locations where those beaconized documents are accessed. Allure DDR can also inject decoys into data flows to catch imposters or outsiders in the system. Sullivan says the technology is especially useful with the rise of GDPR in Europe.

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Watch CRN’s video for more information on the program and Allure Security’s technology.