Consolidate Your Buying With Barracuda MSP

There are many benefits for IT resellers transitioning to a managed services model. There are also obstacles they must overcome before turning a profit, including logistics and timing as it takes a while to build this infrastructure within their organization. Their sales force might also not be happy when they don’t receive an immediate paycheck for a service they sell.

Barracuda MSP works with tens of thousands of IT resellers, many of whom are transitioning to becoming managed service providers, says Barracuda MSP’s senior vice president and general manager Brian Babineau. As a result, they get a feel for how that transition is going and what technology is impacting that.

Babineau says the company’s goal is to have an array of technology and programs that will allow solution providers to succeed.

’For managed service providers starting to work with Barracuda MSP, there’s opportunity to consolidate their buying which generates a simpler operational experience,’ says Babineau.

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Babineau is proud to say that Barracuda has earned accolades for its support, which extends to the MSP business. ’What we’re designing is simple products that don’t necessarily carry the need to have a massive support organization or massive expertise.’

Babineau goes on to say his company wakes up every day and thinks about the MSP itself and that they work in the markets that people care about today.

’You can hear every day about cybersecurity and ransomware, and we have solutions that will allow you to detect those threats, prevent those threats and then recover from those threats,’ explains Babineau.

He goes on to say that the company has an MSP business, not an MSP program.

’Within that business, we have a series of programs such as our Ready, Set, Managed program, which is an ongoing set of resources to help those that are making a transition to managed services,’ says Babineau.

Babineau says all those resources are in one location and are made available to anybody that is interested in getting into managed services.