SailPoint Founder Discusses Role Of Enterprise Identity Management In GDPR

Identity management has taken on new importance with the rise of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect on Friday. Just ask SailPoint Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Cunningham, who says he saw a rush of new business ahead of the deadline.

’Anybody who is dealing with people, identities in the form of employees, contractors or partners, has an identity challenge,’ said Cunningham. ’I think the only assumption these days is that most companies will be breached – it’s just a matter of when.’

Cunningham founded Austin-based SailPoint in 2005, alongside the company’s CEO, Mark McClain. Their mission was to create a new type of company, one that redefined identity’s place on the security ecosystem. Today, some of the company’s largest customers include Humana, Integris and Norwich University.

Cunningham says the value of his company’s services lies within its ability to manage the relationship between an employee’s identity and their use of on-premises and cloud technologies.

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’So, what we do is we provide a set of products and solutions that helps people create governance over how that gets set up to begin with, who gets access to what and how that’s managed over time,’ he added.