Security Minute: The Key to Managed Security Services Success

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Two-thirds of organizations aren’t effectively addressing the infrastructure and operations skills gap. According to Gartner Research, this will cause them “or you” to experience visible business disruptions in the next couple years. 

“In cybersecurity, everyone knows this. There’s probably a shortage, larger than a million people per year, and it’s only going to grow, because we’re becoming a more digitized society,” says Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, vice president of strategy and analytics at Fortinet Security

Fortinet is helping solution providers address this knowledge gap in a couple ways:

“One, make security more intuitive or accessible to people who are not necessarily IT professionals,” says Nguyen-Duy. “So, expand the capability to bring onboard a new source of talent. The second element, of course, is automation.”

“The good news is that Fortinet’s foundation is based on automation and integration,” says Phil Quade, chief information security officer at Fortinet. “We want to help customers and service providers leverage the Fortinet automation and integration to cut down some of the noise, cut down some of the burden of operating a large security network.”

Meanwhile, solution providers say working with a respected security vendor is your first step. 

“We want somebody that’s going to be there, that’s going to the market with offerings that are relevant, contemporary and meet today’s threats,” says Peter Kujawa, division president at EO Johnson Locknet Managed IT Services.

“Suffice it to say that Fortinet has an excellent organization in terms of technical support and communication, and those are assets that we really appreciate at a manufacturer and never fail to find at with Fortinet,” says Jeff Frye, executive vice president at Interface Security Systems.

While partnering with a vendor, like Fortinet, is the first step, traditional MSPs should also consider building a relationship with managed security service providers in their area. You could get a recommendation from a trusted vendor partner you already work with. And who knows, you could end up getting even more client referrals out of these new bonds.

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