Here's What You Missed From Identiverse, The 'World's Largest' Identity Industry Event

What's known as the "world’s largest" identity industry event took place in Boston this week. Identiverse, formerly called the Cloud Identity Summit, highlighted the latest trends in the fast-growing Identity and Access Management market.

’What I'm most excited about for Identiverse this year is that we have the ability to talk about how identity is really changing security,’ said Robb Reck, CISO at Colorado-based Ping Identity, the company hosting the event. ’We’ve really seen this move from a perimeter-based approach in security to really using identities and the applications themselves as places we can apply security.’

Cloud and mobile technologies have spurred new innovation in the identity market. Reck expects artificial intelligence and machine learning to further transform the industry.

’Just like you can use AI to get better at finding a virus, you can use AI to find if this is a real person or if this session is doing good or bad things,’ said Reck.

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Over the last 12 months, the industry raked in $650 million, according to Ping CEO Andre Durand. The event highlighted research that suggests the industry could reach an estimated $24 billion by 2022. The developments come as the industry pushes to a future without passwords. Password theft remains a top threat for account takeover and identity compromise. Experts say new protocols like FIDO 2 and WebAuthn will help solve the problem, but adoption challenges remain.

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