Sophos Launches Intercept X for Server

Sophos has added server protection to its Synchronized Security suite.

Intercept X for Server hit the market Tuesday. It uses predictive deep learning technology that can prevent malware and other attacks before they happen.

’Servers do contain the mission-critical data within an organization,’ said Kendra Krause, vice president of global channels at Sophos. ’Our Intercept X provides that layer of security that’s necessary and fits really well with our combined Synchronized Security approach.’

According to Sophos, traditional server security controls are not equipped to fight modern attacks. Research shows that two-thirds of IT managers worldwide don’t understand what anti-exploit technology is, leaving their organizations vulnerable to data breaches. Servers are particularly vulnerable because of the data they hold, yet, according to Krause, they’re frequently overlooked.

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’Cybercriminals really have different motivations when it comes to servers,’ said Krause. ’These kinds of attacks on servers could absolutely devastate an organization.’

Krause explained that are two types of attacks seen on servers. One is data theft in which cybercriminals want to steal very sensitive company information for spearphishing or for reselling to private cybercriminals on the Dark Web. The other is ransomware, as the industry saw last year with WannaCry and Petya.

For more of Krause’s interview, watch CRNtv’s video.