Deliver Uncompromising Protection With The FortiGate 7000 Series

The rapid takeover of IoT devices, big data and cloud storage is making network security increasingly complex for large enterprises. These distributed environments house the sensitive information that most needs protection.

Solution providers, like Tim Kirk of CNI Sales, are tasked with somehow making these networks simple, secure and scalable. Based in the Philadelphia area, CNI saw this first-hand in a recent project at a large Pennsylvania school district.

’Our education customers are faced with a lot of challenges, where they’re trying to meet the certain needs that large enterprises have,’ says Kirk.

education sector

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’The security market, especially, is constantly changing. The bad guys are always going to be ahead of what the customers are doing,’ says Kirk.

Industries such as healthcare, government and financial services are also becoming playgrounds for hackers in today’s evolving threat landscape.

’As you add all of those devices, it increases the connection count. Being able to support connection counts in the hundreds of millions is going to be an absolute necessity,’ says Carl Cayton, SE Director for US Channel at Fortinet.

FortiGate 7000 series

’The strength of the 7000 series is really all about performance. It’s our largest class chassis-based solution. We would typically position that with people that need extreme performance such as schools, higher education or large enterprise or entities that are looking to internal segmentation or data center firewalling where you need extreme performance,’ says Cayton.

Partners can gain a competitive edge by leveraging this architectural approach to security. We feel it’s an opportunity so great even Gartner is noticing. In 2017, Gartner named Fortinet a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls … and we believe recognized the excellence the company’s entire security fabric offers in both in price and performance.

’We’re a 100 percent channel company. We run everything through our solution providers and partners,’ says Cayton.

’The 7000 has been a really good option for us because of the value that you get from it, as well as its performance. It’s highly outperformed other firewalls that are twice the price of it,’ says Kirk.