Sophos Cyber Threat Report: How To Build Your MSP Business

Discover how partners increase their customer base while decreasing their cost-per-user using Sophos MSP Connect.

Solution providers need a next-generation security portfolio that’s easy to sell, implement and manage to build a successful MSP business. But with so many options to choose from, it’s hard for partners to know what’s best.

“Usually, as an MSP, you have different security solutions from different vendors,” says Regina Vignone, east channel sales director at Sophos. “It’s very important for them to consolidate their line card to make themselves efficient and profitable in selling the solution.”

Managed service providers also need a program that equips them with the educational resources needed to not only build their product and threat expertise but also to serve as trusted security advisors for their customers. “Our company is built on that trusted advisor status,” says Jeffrey Lauria, vice president of technology at iCorps Technologies. “For a company that gets maybe 70 percent of their customers by word-of-mouth, the services you offer are critical.”

“We’re only as good as the support that we get from our vendors. Sophos does that better than anybody else,” says Lauria.

The Sophos MSP Connect program brings together all of Sophos’ centrally managed products and Synchronized Security technology into the Sophos Central management platform. Within Sophos Central is Sophos Central-Partner, a specialized user-friendly dashboard which allows MSPs to add new customers on demand, cross-sell and upsell services, drive recurring revenue and have a real-time perspective on alerts and critical customer activity.

“The ability to upsell and cross-sell is so important to partners, because it makes them have a reputable name within their customer account and also gives them the protection that they need in order to stay secure,” says Vignone.

“The more we can deploy, the easier we can deploy it, the more profitable we’re going to be,” says Lauria.

As partners increase their customer base within Sophos MSP Connect, their cost-per-user decreases. Solution providers can also easily be trained to become experts on Sophos solutions by only having to deal with one support organization. “Misconfiguration of any security product is a gateway to a problem,” says Lauria. “For us, understanding the best practice from the vendor who makes the software (and have them sit with us and train us) helps us deploy best practices and avoid those common mistakes.”

Partners can unlock new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs by streamlining the entire sales process with Sophos MSP Connect. This enables them to operate more efficiently, keep their customers safe and achieve greater profitability.

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