WATCH: Cybereason CEO Talks 'AI Hunting' And The Latest Cybersecurity Trends

Cybereason’s CEO Lior Div says artificial intelligence is a required ingredient in the fight against cyber criminals.

Div, who served in unit 8200 of the Israel Intelligence Corps as commander of a cybersecurity team, founded Cybereason in 2012. In an interview with CRNtv, Div shared his perspective on the latest cybersecurity trends at Cybereason headquarters in Boston.

“Our customers right now and the buyers understand right now that they need to protect themselves and they need to move from a passive approach to a proactive approach,” he said. “That’s part of the reason that we are growing right now in a very, very aggressive way all over the world.”

Cybereason’s proactive approach to security includes a big emphasis on "AI hunting," an automated approach to cybersecurity that includes artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics and machine learning to make hunting possible for all security professionals, regardless of skill level. Applying artificial intelligence to hunting allows organizations to figure out if they’re under attack without the overhead typically associated with hunting.

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Cybereason is also investing in a form of automated threat intelligence, referred to as Deep Threat Intelligence. The platform consumes the data, analyzes it, processes it and moves it from threat intel to actionable intelligence.

“We basically took as part of the big data approach that we are taking, consumed this information in real-time and analyzed it for all customer benefits,” said Div.

After raising $100 million in funding in June 2017 from SoftBank Group Corp. and other investors, Cybereason is continuing to grow aggressively worldwide, according to Div, who also says partners play a big role in making that happen. For more of Div’s interview with CRNtv, watch the video included in this article.