WhiteFox: Cracking Down On Airspace Security

Explore the next wave of advancements in drone technology with WhiteFox Defense, a drone airspace security company, which released a pocket-portable drone detector at CES 2020.

At CES 2020, WhiteFox Defense, a company that specializes in drone airspace security, told CRN it’s the first “counter-drone” company to exhibit at the tech event.

“Everyone is starting to purchase drones. I mean there are literally hundreds of thousands of drones that have been registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); everything from toy drones that you could buy off the internet to big systems that carry massive cameras,” said Brett Velicovich, a strategic advisor at WhiteFox.

So whether flight is controlled by onboard computers or remotely from the ground, drones have taken off as a unique tool for everyday life.

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Velicovich told CRN, WhiteFox builds devices that can detect “rogue” drones and then mitigate them, so that they can’t spy on individuals or fly in areas that are unauthorized.

“We have systems that are full, hard installation systems that you might put around a stadium or an airport,or a prison to be able to detect drones that may be trying to fly in contraband or explosives, or even just for the clueless and careless people that are flying in restricted airspace.”

WhiteFox also offers hand-held systems like its Scorpion 2, a pocket-portable drone detector. The California-based company released the hand-held device at CES 2020.

Watch CRNtv for a demonstration.