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How 16 Vendors Are Helping Partners Build AI Businesses

Dylan Martin

Who in the channel is helping partners build AI businesses? CRN looks at 16 established and emerging vendors that are providing the building blocks needed to build and run AI applications along with a wealth of partner resources to set up solution providers for success when working with customers.

A growing number of IT vendors are trying to help channel partners build AI practices and win customer deals between expanding product portfolios and a wealth of partner resources.

While several of these vendors have been offering AI products and services for years—such as Amazon Web Services, IBM, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, to name a few—demand for such technologies has reached new heights recently due to the hype surrounding generative AI.

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These vendors and others, like Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NetApp, are equipping partners with the building blocks necessary to create, optimize and manage AI applications.

These building blocks come in different categories: the chips needed to process AI workloads, the on-prem and cloud infrastructure needed to host applications, the storage and data systems needed to manage data pipelines, and the software needed to handle the full lifecycle of AI applications.

But these vendors, including Intel and Nvidia, don’t stop there. They also have partner programs meant to enable partners to sell these products and services to their best ability.

What follows are 16 vendors that are helping partners build AI businesses by equipping them with the products, services and the resources they need to succeed.

Dylan Martin

Dylan Martin is a senior editor at CRN covering the semiconductor, PC, mobile device, and IoT beats. He has distinguished his coverage of the semiconductor industry thanks to insightful interviews with CEOs and top executives; scoops and exclusives about product, strategy and personnel changes; and analyses that dig into the why behind the news.   He can be reached at

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