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HPE Discover 2023: CEO Antonio Neri’s 5 Biggest AI Statements

Steven Burke

HPE CEO Antonio Neri sounds off on the company’s AI future including his no holds barred AI partner commitment and the importance of making AI available to businesses of all sizes.

Partners Will Be Able To Participate In AI Market Including With HPE’s New Large Language Model Public Cloud

The moment you are on HPE GreenLake you will be able to resell it (Large Language Models Public Cloud). This is one of the beautiful things about our approach: our broader partner ecosystem which includes solution integrators, ISVs, distributors, value added resellers and alike, generally are not in this space.

But now with AI we give them the ability to focus on these applications as part of the GreenLake catalogue and then basically sell it like they sell anything like private cloud or an Aruba switch. Now they can sell of these (AI) models as part of their engagement with customers.

What they have to do though is either leverage our HPE Services expertise because obviously there are some potential consultative aspects of this or they will invest themselves in building these capabilities which makes them relevant from a business outcome perspective and a technology perspective.

The technology is almost invisible behind the scenes. They just say this is what I want to accomplish, this is the right pre-trained model or if it is a very large customer they can bring the model to our cloud and train it and we will reserve some sort of capacity.

But I would also say this is also a major point of differentiation for us compared to others because it includes our partner ecosystem as part of the solution. We drag them along versus selling direct.  

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Steven Burke

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