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The 10 Coolest Big Data Tools Of 2023 (So Far)

Rick Whiting

Here’s a look at 10 new, expanded and improved big data tools, platforms and systems that solution and service providers should be aware of.

Komprise Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration

Owner: Komprise

Focus: Accelerates the transfer of unstructured data files to the cloud

In December Komprise debuted Komprise Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration, a tool for accelerating the movement of unstructured data files—including user data, electronic design automation (EDA) files and other multimedia workloads—to the cloud while strengthening cloud security.

Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration accelerates data migrations, particularly for data sets with large file counts, or small files or workloads using the SMB (server message block) protocol—data transfers that the Campbell, Calif.-based company says can take as long as weeks or even months.

Such data transfers are a challenge because the SMB protocol requires lots of back-and-forth “handshakes” that increase administrative traffic over the network. Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration uses dedicated virtual channels across a WAN to minimize WAN roundtrips, mitigating SMB protocol “chattiness” and accelerating data transfers, according to the company. Komprise says that tests using a data set dominated by small files showed migration times 25 times faster than other alternatives.

Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration is targeted at enterprises with petabytes of unstructured data in file storage and the need to tier or migrate data to lower-cost cloud storage.

Rick Whiting

Rick Whiting has been with CRN since 2006 and is currently a feature/special projects editor. Whiting manages a number of CRN’s signature annual editorial projects including Channel Chiefs, Partner Program Guide, Big Data 100, Emerging Vendors, Tech Innovators and Products of the Year. He also covers the Big Data beat for CRN. He can be reached at

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