The 10 Coolest IoT Software Companies: The 2023 Internet Of Things 50

As part of CRN’s 2023 Internet of Things 50 list, here are the 10 coolest IoT software companies that are driving innovation in the IoT arena.

The companies authoring software to push the boundaries of IoT range from tech giants like Microsoft down to startups like Memfault.

A Forrester report from September said that software automation using IoT sensors and measuring maintenance schedules, customer demand, weather and other data will “offer manufacturers more granular control over their business.”

Businesses are turning to IoT software to reduce energy bills, monitor work sites for noxious gases and injuries, and to improve production quality, among other use cases, according to the report.

“Machine learning and AI build models of optimal operations (often in the cloud) and then monitor tens, hundreds, or even thousands of variables at the edge to quickly alert human operators when things are likely to stray off course,” according to the report. “In some situations, software may be authorized to make corrections without waiting for explicit permission from a watching human.”

As part of CRN’s 2023 Internet of Things 50 list, here are the 10 coolest IoT software companies that are driving innovation in the IoT arena.

Amazon Web Services

Adam Selipsky, CEO

Cloud giant AWS has increased access to IoT innovation through making generally available offerings such as IoT RoboRunner for robotics automation and IoT TwinMaker Knowledge Graph for querying digital twins. Another recent standout offering made generally available by Seattle-based AWS is IoT FleetWise, which collects and transfers vehicle data to the cloud in near real time. Research firm Gartner considers AWS a Challenger in global industrial IoT. AWS has about 100,000 channel partners worldwide.

Buildings IOT

Brian Turner, CEO

Buildings IOT has made a name for itself in smart building software with secure building integration platform IOT Jetstream and expanded operations into the U.K. The Concord, Calif.-based vendor brings machine learning and a data management platform to the goal of building command and control from a single pane of glass. It also includes VARs and service providers in its partner program.

Eigen Innovations

Erin Barrett, CEO

Eigen Innovations brings together computer-assisted design, machine learning, cloud computing and data analytics to give manufacturers machine vision to help make smart factories with less uncertainty and more productivity. The Fredericton, New Brunswick-based company’s offerings are designed for industries including manufacturing, automotive and paper and packaging. Users can generate 3-D records part over part and receive alerts and insight to stop any problems from escalating.


Shlomi Ben Haim, Co-­founder, CEO

This year JFrog released the second version of its Conan software package manager for C and C++ developers, giving IoT organizations greater dependency visibility across the chain. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company also made a splash with JFrog Connect, used for developing and managing secure remote Linux and IoT devices at scale. The vendor includes consultancies and service providers in its partner program.


Daniel Putterman, CEO

Safer workplaces through computer vision is the mission of Kogniz, which raised a $10 million round of funding last year to continue working on its technology that detects guns, defects, perimeter intrusions and other safety concerns at customers ranging from schools to factories. Founded in 2016, the San Francisco-based vendor also offers tools to determine parking lot occupancy, prevent theft, track vaccination status and other actions.


François Baldassari, CEO

Memfault’s 2023 started with a $24 million Series B round of funding to increase partnerships and further develop its reliability platform for building IoT and edge devices at scale. Founded in 2018, San Francisco-based Memfault promises faster go-to-market, less launch risk, fewer costs and other benefits when using its platform. Recent updates to the platform include a fleet sampling feature, custom data recordings and an improved device timeline view.


Satya Nadella, Chairman, CEO

Improved analytics rules in Defender for IoT, increased access to Azure Digital Twins and more processor support for Windows IoT are just some recent innovations to the Microsoft IoT suite. Gartner has called the Redmond, Wash.-based tech giant a Leader among global industrial IoT platforms for the breadth and depth of its offerings, from cloud and on-site offerings to digital replicas and metaverse environments. Microsoft has about 400,000 channel partners worldwide.


Roy Dagan, Co-­founder, CEO

SecuriThings just launched a new Managed Service Platform for MSPs that work with physical security devices. The platform aims to visualize and maintain customer environments from a single pane. The launch builds on SecuriThings securing a $21 million Series B funding round last year. Founded in 2016, Ramat Gan, Israel-based SecuriThings promises a new revenue stream for partners automating firmware updates, password rotations, vulnerability detections and other efforts.


Said Ouissal, Founder, CEO

Zededa raised a $26 million Series B round of funding last year, with Juniper Networks, Rockwell Automation and Samsung’s Next venture wing among the investors. Founded in 2016, the San Jose, Calif.-based vendor offers tools meant to increase visibility, security and control of distributed edge infrastructure and applications. Zededa also offers a partner program for channel partners, distributors and other partner business types.


Sanjay Govil, Founder, CEO

Zyter unveiled a deal with Qualcomm last year that includes 5G private network management services. Founded in 2017, the Rockville, Md.-based company has applied its SmartSpaces platform for better IoT ecosystem management to construction, agriculture, education, logistics, factories, hospitals and other environments.