The 50 Hottest Edge Hardware, Software And Services Companies: 2022 Edge Computing 100

CRN highlights 50 companies leading the way in edge computing with hardware, software and services.

From IT hardware giants to hyperscale cloud providers and startups, nearly every technology vendor is pouring investments in edge computing.

Whether it’s the explosion of data being created at the edge that is critical to monitor and analyze to drive better business outcomes, or edge-specific hardware and software to boost latency and price performance—edge computing continues to be one of the biggest market investments for many IT companies to drive sales and help customers.

With billions of new devices coming online each year, the need for superb edge-centric hardware, software and services is becoming a top priority for many companies.

Some of the biggest emerging trends in the edge computing market include innovation around artificial intelligence, data analytics software and SD-WAN networking performance improvements at the edge.

Many of the 50 companies on CRN’s list of 100 global edge technology providers in 2022 are investing millions on new technologies and go-to-market strategies. These companies provide edge hardware, software and services solutions to enhance computing capabilities for edge IT and operational technology (OT) devices as well as edge data centers.

Interestingly, many of the largest cloud providers in the world like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud are launching edge-specific hardware and software solutions, while networking startups like Nile—co-founded by former Cisco CEO John Chambers—are looking to gain traction from the growing demand of edge computing technologies.

By 2025, IT research company Gartner predicts that more than 50 percent of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud.

As part of CRN’s 2022 Edge Computing 100, here are the 50 edge computing hardware, software and services companies that are leading and making waves at the edge in 2022.


Anthony Hill

Founder, CEO

Adapdix’s EdgeOps platform helps enterprises maximize yield, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs at the edge. With a unique edge-optimized architecture, EdgeOps delivers powerful AI and machine learning that is secure, scalable and rapidly deployable.

Adlink Technology

Jim Liu

Chairman, President, CEO

Adlink provides edge AI offerings to connect people, places and things faster with its line of edge software, hardware and services. The company recently launched its first embedded MXM graphics modules on Nvidia Ampere to accelerate mission-critical applications at the edge.

Amazon Web Services

Adam Selipsky


The worldwide cloud leader continues to innovate with software to help customers build, deploy and manage devices and infrastructure at the edge such as with AWS IoT Greengrass. AWS offers edge services for data processing, analysis and storage.


Lisa Su

Chair, President, CEO

AMD is increasingly embedding its chips into more edge hardware, such as its Compact Industrial AMD Ryzen Edge server and 4U rackmount AMD EPYC Edge server. AMD’s SoC offerings bring data center features required to scale cloud solutions to the edge of the network leveraging the same IP and software.

Aruba, an HPE Company

Phil Mottram

EVP, GM, HPE Intelligent Edge

Aruba is a major player in edge networking for hardware, software and services. The Aruba Edge Services Platform enables companies to accelerate digital transformation through automated network management, edge-to-cloud security and predictive AI-powered insight.

BMC Software

Ayman Sayed

President, CEO

BMC’s Helix Edge o­ erings collect, aggregate and analyze OT data at the edge. The company’s IoT Edge offering, meanwhile, funnels data into data management systems to combine IT and OT data and allow customers to monitor all critical systems and predict failures.

Cato Networks

Shlomo Kramer

Co-Founder, CEO

Cato Networks specializes in edge SD-WAN computing and Secure Access Service Edge. Cato has converged its SD-WAN and cloud-native security service edge technologies together to provide global cloud edge services that enforce access policies, protect against security threats and prevent sensitive data loss.

Cisco Systems

Chuck Robbins

Chair, CEO

Cisco’s hardware has been critical in driving edge computing, including edge-optimized servers, storage and switches. Cisco also has a long list of edge software and services, including Intersight for management and Cisco ACI for software-defined networking.

Citrix Systems, part of Cloud Software Group

Tom Krause


Citrix brings security features into a unified edge stack that includes networking offerings like SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge for deep visibility and cloud-based management as well as secure internet access to protect users and applications at the edge.


Eric Simone

Co-Founder, CEO

ClearBlade’s Edge Platform gives users the ability to deploy a common software stack across an environment. Using the platform, the user’s code travels where it is needed, making it possible to develop applications in the cloud and push them to the edge or develop them at the edge itself.

Dell Technologies

Michael Dell

Founder, Chairman, CEO

Dell Technologies just unveiled Project Frontier, an initiative that delivers an edge operations software platform. Its goal is to unify edge operations across infrastructure and applications in any industry as it addresses the complex nature of the edge by reimagining a better way to do edge operations.


Craig Arnold

Chairman, CEO

Eaton provides power infrastructure and software monitoring and management to enable edge computing. The company’s edge-optimized UPSes, power distribution units and power management offerings help keep edge applications and devices running longer and prevent data loss.


Randy Brouckman

Co-Founder, CEO

EdgeConneX, which offers global hyperlocal-to-hyperscale data center solutions, said in September that it would offer Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service in its Portland Edge Data Center. Azure ExpressRoute lets users create private connections between their IT infrastructure and Microsoft’s global data centers.


Doug Recker

Founder, President

EdgePresence designs, deploys and manages edge data centers located anywhere. The company’s purpose-built edge data centers are compactly designed to include critical power, monitoring, physical security, cooling and interconnections that can be deployed within 12 miles from end users.


Kilton Hopkins

Co-Founder, CEO

Edgeworx’s Darcy AI empowers developers to build artificial intelligence for collecting data in real time at the edge. The company’s Darcy Cloud helps customers orchestrate and deploy edge applications and devices for full life-cycle management.


Charles Meyers

President, CEO

Equinix provides services including visibility into core operating data and on-demand storage to manage data. Equinix’s Network Edge services run on a modular infrastructure platform, optimized for deployment and interconnection of network services while reducing complexity and cost.

Extreme Networks

Ed Meyercord

President, CEO

Extreme Networks is a provider of edge networking hardware, software and services, including its Extended Edge Switching portfolio. The company’s ExtremeCloud SD-WAN unifies disparate IT into a centralized network to give customers control of their edge networks.


Shane Buckley

President, CEO

Gigamon provides edge hardware and software, including edge tra c aggregation nodes, switches and network monitoring. The GigaVue TA Series of edge network packet brokers aggregates multiple network links and feeds the combined traffic to Gigamon products or directly to security and monitoring tools.

Google Cloud

Thomas Kurian


The cloud giant has extended its infrastructure and services to the edge with Google Distributed Cloud on-premises, enabled by Anthos. The company’s Google Distributed Cloud Edge offering aims to make Anthos the foundation for running 5G infrastructure and critical workloads such as data analytics and AI.


Khalid Raza

Founder, CEO

Graphiant offers customers a next-generation network with the performance to replace MPLS and SD-WAN. Graphiant is built on a private network that allows it to deliver enterprise-grade speed and scale. These functions are delivered as a service through the channel.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Antonio Neri

President, CEO

HPE is a global market leader in edge computing hardware and software—from servers to storage and more. HPE’s GreenLake offering helps customers unify data at the edge by securely integrating all applications and infrastructure together.

Hitachi Vantara

Gajen Kandiah


Hitachi Vantara has an edge portfolio of hardware, software and services including IoT gateways and its Lumada Edge Intelligence management software. Hitachi Vantara’s edge gateways connect devices, video and other data through a con‑ gurable platform to enable data-driven outcomes.

HP Inc.

Enrique Lores

President, CEO

HP Engage Edge accelerates edge deployments to support sensor and cloud frameworks to make data ingestion easier for on-site processing. The offering deploys sensors to automatically track and manage inventory with preinstalled software.


Arvind Krishna

Chairman, CEO

IBM provides edge hardware and software around application management, network automation and data analytics. Its Power Systems and storage offering put AI models to work at the edge, while IBM Cloud Pak for Data extends applications and models to the edge without the need to move the data.


Jed Ayres


IGEL’s next-generation edge operating system for cloud workspaces, IGEL Workspace Edition, o­ffers software-defined endpoint optimization and control over those workspaces. The platform-independent, Linux-based OS turns any compatible x84-64 device or thin client into a secure, managed endpoint.


Pat Gelsinger


Intel injects its processors such as Core and Atom into smart IoT devices, while Intel Xeon Scalable chips provide high performance for rapid data transfer in edge server deployments. Intel’s Network Builders Edge Ecosystem drives development of edge-centric technologies.

Juniper Networks

Rami Rahim


Longtime networking specialist Juniper offers a slew of switches, routers and software targeting edge computing. The Juniper Mist Edge extends its microservices architecture to the campus, bringing agility and scale while enabling new applications at the edge.


William Gouesbet


Networking and IoT company Kerlink o­ffers edge hardware, software and services to enable customers to design and operate wireless networks. To that end, Kerlink provides IoT gateways, modules, connectivity and device management at the edge.


Yang Yuanqing

Chairman, CEO

Lenovo’s ThinkEdge SE450 runs AI workloads at remote locations due to its compact size, while the ThinkSystem SE350 virtualizes IT and OT applications while supplying compute power and networking capabilities. The ThinkEdge SE70 deploys compute power to the edge where people connect with the network.


Christina Kosmowski


LogicMonitor—which aims to give customers seamless visibility into networks from the core to the edge—introduced LM Envision in June. The new offering is engineered to assess the health of thousands of assets and applications that generate the operational IT data points that make up the IT data supply chain.


Satya Nadella

Chairman, CEO

Microsoft offers high-performance edge computing services through Azure, including IoT Edge, which extends cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices; Stack Edge for compute and storage needs at the edge; FXT Edge Filer for HPC workloads; and Azure Data Box to move stored or in-transit data to the edge.

Mimik Technology

Fay Arjomandi

Founder, CEO

Mimik’s edgeCloud is a platform for decentralizing the cloud by enabling all computing devices via its edgeEngine to act as servers. This increases efficiency and processing while helping decrease the latency, cost and energy consumption of edge computing.


Antonio Pellegrino

Founder, CEO

Mutable Cloud uses the ultralow latency of 5G networks to provide constant connectivity between wired and wireless devices locally and at the edge. The company spreads compute across multiple server and provider locations and transforms them into micro data centers.


George Kurian


NetApp has tailored offerings for edge environments, built with decades of experience in the data center. It was among the first to develop technology for transparent migration and management of data from data centers to the cloud and to the edge. The company also o­ ers storage hardware designed for edge deployments.


Pankaj Patel

Co-Founder, CEO

Networking services startup Nile is aiming to re-engineer the network to deliver an automation first wired and wireless experience. Its Network-as-a- Service offering includes monitoring, analytics and automation as well as zero trust access security capabilities.


Rajiv Ramaswami

President, CEO

The Nutanix Xi IoT platform delivers local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and cloud into one seamless data processing platform. The platform eliminates complexity, accelerates deployments and helps developers focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services.


Jensen Huang

Founder, President, CEO

Whether it’s in the enterprise, on the factory floor or embedded in autonomous machines, Nvidia is making the edge a more hospitable place for large, complicated workloads. Nvidia AI-on-5G is a unified platform that makes it easy to deploy AI-dependent applications over a mobile network.

Ori Industries

Mahdi Yahya

Founder, CEO

Ori Global Cloud is a global platform that connects cloud estates and applications through a control plane. Ori’s distributed cloud platform automates application distribution across the cloud, on-premises and at the edge. It is used for orchestrating applications across multi-cloud, telco edge and enterprise edge environments.

Pure Storage

Charles Giancarlo

Chairman, CEO

Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is a unified fast file and object platform that can be used with AI workloads and heavy data processing requirements at the edge. FlashArray, meanwhile, puts VMware inside Pure Storage’s allflash storage to create a hybrid cloud product that supports a 5G multimode infrastructure.

Red Hat

Matt Hicks

President, CEO

Red Hat Edge brings Red Hat deployments to the site where the data is collected, taking the enterprise platform closer to the problems it solves. Red Hat-validated patterns are detailed deployments that have been created for various edge use cases, giving customers a jump on their edge ambitions.


Christian Klein


SAP Edge Services deliver orchestration and life-cycle management of edge services from the cloud, boosting the speed and function of high-performance business processes. SAP also enables microservices with the local compute and the persistency to duplicate the processing power of the digital core at the edge.

Scale Computing

Jeff­ Ready

Co-Founder, CEO

Scale Computing unleashed HCI at the edge in a co-development project it spearheaded with Intel. The NUC EEC was unveiled in May, with partners praising its ease of deployment and price point. The company is bringing its low-pro‑ le devices to ultra-edge environments, from the factory floor to the desert for astrophotography.

Schneider Electric

Annette Clayton

CEO, North America

Schneider Electric is innovating at the edge with its Smart-UPS Ultra, which it combines with its EcoStruxure edge remote monitoring, management and service offering. The company wants partners to sell managed edge power services through its Edge Software and Digital Services Partner Program.


Gary Steele

President, CEO

Splunk Edge gives IT administrators the ability to put environmental sensor data into the Splunk platform without configuration. The Splunk Edge Hub is hardware that is configured by the company with built-in sensors that stream data to the Splunk-hosted Splunk Cloud platform.

Vapor IO

Cole Crawford

Founder, CEO

Vapor IO delivers autonomous, intelligent infrastructure edge-to-edge with its Kinetic Grid infrastructure. Vapor IO is building edge data centers in dozens of markets to deliver high-performance, automated and intelligent colocation integrated across the network.

Veeam Software

Anand Eswaran


Veeam’s backup offering for Azure Stack Edge equips partners for edge environments. Veeam’s technologies are deployed to protect data in remote and branch office environments and at the edge, while its Kasten Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery

technology protects millions of containers in production.


Rob Johnson


Vertiv offers modular edge data centers capable of tailoring edge solutions for applications using SmartMod and SmartMod Infrastructure. Designs include hardware, software, analytics and services for running critical applications via Vertiv’s portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure products and services.


Raghu Raghuram


VMware is operating on the principle that digital transformation starts at the edge. Its Multi-Cloud Edge offering delivers scalable solutions across RAN, SASE and multi-access edge computing, while it also offers the VMware Edge Compute Stack to build and manage edge-native applications.

Wasabi Technologies

David Friend

Co-Founder, President, CEO

Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage for Smart Systems and IoT can store massive datasets, as might be needed in a central data repository for machine learning, business intelligence, at-rest analytics and data visualization applications. Wasabi partners with Equinix and Flexential to offer on-demand edge computing as a service.


Said Ouissal

Founder, CEO

Zededa makes cloud-based orchestration simple and scalable. It delivers visibility and control for the distributed edge, along with the authority to deploy and manage any app on any hardware. It works as a cloud-based service to deploy and manage any edge compute node and unlock IoT data.