These Are The Stellar Big Data Startups To Know In 2023

Businesses today often struggle to manage their data, let alone get the most value out of their data assets. As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023, here are 13 big data technology startups, founded in 2017 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.

Big Data, Big Challenges

As data volumes continue to explode the global “datasphere”—the total amount of data created, captured, replicated and consumed—is growing at more than 20 percent a year and is forecast to reach approximately 291 zettabytes in 2027, according to market researcher IDC.

Many businesses and organizations are deriving huge value from all that data. They are analyzing it to gain insight about markets, their customers and their own operations. They are using the data to fuel digital transformation initiatives. And they are even using it to support new data-intensive services or packaging it into new data products.

But wrangling, managing and analyzing all this data is a major challenge. That’s why there is a steady stream of startup companies developing leading-edge technologies to help businesses access, collect, manage, move, transform, analyze, understand, measure, govern, maintain and secure all this data.

All this means that big data technologies present a major opportunity for solution providers. As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023, here are 13 big data technology startups, founded in 2017 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Rohit Choudhary, CEO

The Acceldata Data Observability Platform is designed for the modern heterogeneous data stack. The platform provides comprehensive visibility, giving data teams the real-time information they need to identify and prevent issues and make data stacks reliable. Acceldata supports data sources including Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google.

With Acceldata partners can understand who and what is driving cloud consumption to ensure cost is aligned with business value. They also can increase the trust in data products or data assets, driving decision-making and accel­erating cloud data migration and modernization programs.



Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Michael Tricot, Co-Founder, CEO

Airbyte develops an open-source data integration engine and ETL platform for replicating data between applications, databases, data warehouses and data lakes. The company offers out-of-the-box connectors to hundreds of data sources and targets, a connector development kit, and several sales and marketing analysis tools.

In September Airbyte said members of the Airbyte community had developed more than 1,500 connectors in just three months using the startup’s no-code connector builder.



Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Armon Petrossian, CEO

Data transformation is generally regarded as the biggest bottleneck in data analytics processes. Coalesce launched its next-generation data transformation platform in January 2022. The technology, developed exclusively for the Snowflake platform, utilizes a column-aware architecture to achieve high scalability.

The company raised $26 million in Series A funding in September 2022.



Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Andy Pandharikar, Founder, CEO

Commerce.AI provides a custom-built generative AI framework to automate contact center workflows. Harnessing the power of generative AI, the company’s auto-MATE includes an extensive prebuilt library of automated contact center workflows such as call summaries, auto-QA and next action, all aimed at eliminating after-call work.

Partners have several options to work with Commerce.AI. There is the traditional reseller model with margins up to 30 percent. The company also offers an embedded model where partners can choose to build a service wrapped around its framework.



Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Clint Sharp, Co-Founder, CEO

Cribl is a data company for IT and security. Cribl Stream, its flagship product, is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that helps users process machine data in real time and deliver it to the analysis platforms of choice.

As enterprises struggle to unlock the full power of growing data volumes without getting crushed by complexity and costs, Cribl’s Stream offers partners a new potential revenue stream, allowing them to provide greater, differentiated support to customers.

Cribl recently reached the milestone of $100 million in annual recurring revenue.


Hex Technologies

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Barry McCardel, Co-Founder, CEO

Hex provides a modern data workspace system for data science and analytics tasks. The platform includes AI-powered tools, collaborative data notebooks, and data integration and data visualization technology—all making it possible to connect and analyze data and share work using interactive data applications and stories.

In October Hex launched Hex 3.0 with new AI capabilities, a new compute engine, a new metadata engine and the App Builder tool for turning insight into interactive experiences. Hex raised $52 million in Series B funding in March 2022.


Monte Carlo

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Barr Moses, Co-Founder, CEO

Data is increasingly recognized as a valuable asset. But that value diminishes when data quality declines.

Monte Carlo’s data observability platform helps businesses improve data quality by automatically detecting and correcting data anomalies, resolving data lineage problems, and preventing incidents that impact data health, increase data management costs and lead to system downtime.

Earlier this month Monte Carlo said its platform now works with the Apache Kafka streaming data platform through integration with the Confluent Cloud.

Monte Carlo raised $135 million in Series D funding in May 2022.

Website: https://www.mon


Founded: 2022

Top Executive: Jordan Tigani, Co-Founder, CEO

MotherDuck is developing a serverless data analytics system built on DuckDB, an open-source, next-generation OLAP database. The goal is to develop a data analytics platform that’s easy to use and can leverage the processing power of today’s hardware—even on laptops—without the complexities of distributed computation.

The company raised $52.5 million in Series B funding in September.



Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Nikita Shamgunov, CEO

Neon provides a fully managed serverless Postgres database service targeting developers. The database separates storage and compute and provides developer features such as branching for modern development workflow and bottomless storage.

In July Neon introduced the Neon Partner Program. And in August the company raised $46 million in Series B funding.



Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Justin Borgman, Co-Founder, CEO

Starburst offers a full-featured data lake analytics platform, built on open-source Trino. The company’s software, including the self-managed Starburst Enterprise and fully managed, cloud-based Starburst Galaxy, provide the capabilities needed to discover, organize and consume data without the need for time-consuming and costly migrations.

In June Starburst debuted the Partner Connect portal that provides technology partners with the ability to easily integrate their products, such as business intelligence, data storage and data preparation tools, with Starburst Galaxy.

Starburst has been very successful on the venture funding front, raising $250 million in Series D funding in February 2022, bringing its total financing to $414 million.



Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Nick Bonfiglio, Founder, CEO

Syncari develops a B2B customer data automation platform that helps businesses automate the complex and manual processes involved in aligning, analyzing and activating customer data. That allows organizations to efficiently manage their customer data and optimize customer-facing processes and experiences.

The company’s technology simplifies data by packaging all the needed tools, including a unified data hub, data management, data quality, data synchronization, and reporting and analysis, into one no-code platform.



Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Mona Rakibe, Co-Founder, CEO

Telmai provides a data observability platform that helps data teams monitor data pipelines and maintain data quality. The system is used to quickly detect and investigate data quality issues, data anomalies and data “KPI drifts” and assist with data profiling and data migration tasks.

Telmai launched the latest release of its product in September, offering end-to-end observability for heterogeneous data pipelines with expanded metadata monitoring, cross-system data lineage and data binning capabilities.

In June the company raised $5.5 million in seed funding.

Website: https://


Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Bala Kuchibhotla, Co-Founder, CEO

Tessell is a cloud-native Database-as-a-Service that functions seamlessly on both AWS and Microsoft Azure. Tessell offers policy-driven self-service access, DevOps integration, production monitoring and life-cycle management features to customers using PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle database engines.

Tessell’s partners can accelerate the migration of database workloads to AWS and Microsoft Azure. The company provides predictable, instance-based pricing, improved data resilience and fleet management.