10 Storage Startups That Are Coming To The Rescue

These 10 startups have rolled out new products that are solving niche storage issues or tackling critical challenges that haven’t yet been resolved.

Whether it’s a new component, a new bit of software or a new type of storage system, startups are busy tackling everything from the latest in managing storage containers to legacy issues related to data protection.

The startups typically look to solve niche issues or some small but critical need that businesses can’t get solved with more established vendors.

The 10 products presented here are from startups who have only entered the storage market in the last two or three years.

22DDOT6 226-212NSS

Bozeman, Mont.-based 22dot6 is rolling out its new 2U, 12-bay high-performance 226-212NSS hybrid storage system. Designed for the new Intel Xeon-D 1700 SoC-based motherboard architecture, it comes with two 25-Gbit network cards plus four Gigabit Ethernet ports native as well as 12 3.5-inch bays in front that support a U.3 backplane for use with NVMe or SAS drives. With its NVMe/SAS SSD and hard-drive support, it allows flexible true active/ active and active/passive multitier support.


Mill Valley, Calif.-based Iodyne’s Pro Data storage device is an all-NVMe all-SSD Thunderbolt RAID device combining multiple SSDs and eight 40-Gbit Thunderbolt ports in a single enclosure. The Pro Data is protected by RAID-6 and AES-XTS-256 encryption and can be connected to multiple PCs in a workgroup. It is available in 12-TB, 24-TB or 48-TB capacities.


Internxt Drive from Valencia, Spainbased Internxt, is an open-source, zero-knowledge cloud-based storage service which, because the company is based in Europe, offers full privacy features including user-coded decryption. Files uploaded to Internxt Drive are first encrypted on the client side and then fragmented into independent shards that are stored on servers distributed around the world


Icedrive from the Swansea, U.K.-based company of the same name is a cloud-based storage offering that uses twofish encryption, which the company said is more secure than the commonly used Rigndael algorithm-based AES encryption. Everything, including file and folder names, are encrypted on the client device before being moved to the cloud. Plans start from $20 per year for 150 GB to a one-time $999 payment for lifetime 10 TB.


Nexfs intelligent software-defined storage from Wellington, New Zealandbased Nexustorage unifies block, file, cloud and object storage technologies, combining up to three tiers of storage into a massively scalable single pool of storage with data protection and automated data life-cycle management. The software, which works with standard x86 server hardware, can be licensed in capacities from 10 TB to 1PB.


Liege, Belgium-based startup Nodeum is the developer of Nodeum Data Management software, which runs on the Linux platform and commodity hardware to provide a platform to optimize data movement, move inactive data to the secondary storage of choice, and virtualize data so it can be accessed and synced from anywhere.


The Nvisionx Nx Platform from Santa Monica, Calif.-based Nvisionx is a data intelligence platform that combines storage, analytics and security. The platform analyzes all business data and correlates cyberintelligence to help businesses contextually classify data, provide the right protection, purge stale and toxic data, and minimize cybersecurity and compliance risks.


Pliops, based in San Jose, Calif., in November unveiled the Pliops XDP-Rocks, a version of the company’s Pliops Extreme Data Processor, or XDP, aimed at overcoming architecture limitations of traditional RocksDB deployments. XDP-Rocks can increase throughput by 20X while reducing tail latency by 100X and normalized CPU by 10X in RocksDB-based databases.


The P44 Pro SSD was introduced in October by Solidigm, a San Jose, Calif.-based SSD startup launched in December 2021 when Intel decided to sell its SSD business, some NAND SSD technology and a NAND facility to SK Hynix. The P44 Pro offers PCIe 4.0 performance with up to 7,000- MBps sequential read speeds while drawing just 5.3 watts. It is available in 512-GB, 1-TB and 2-TB capacities.


Wult is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based builder of a platform by the same name that provides real-time data compliance automation to help address companywide governance, risk and compliance. It includes data mapping to get a full view of all data in all silos, automates how third-party vendors interact with data and helps control employee data.