Veritas Adds Solaris 10 Support In Trio Upgrade

With the release of the 4.1 versions of Veritas Storage Foundation, Cluster Server and Volume Replicator, Sun customers can upgrade to the Solaris 10 operating system and get all the same storage and server clustering management features as before, according to Veritas.

The new version of Storage Foundation software supports Solaris 10 features, such as Solaris Containers, DTrace and new security functionality with Process Rights Management and Solaris Secure Execution. The Veritas software also includes an application program interface and software development kit to make it easier to standardize on a common storage management platform across heterogeneous storage and server environments.

Version 4.1 of Cluster Server improves availability of applications, databases and servers and better protects against downtime in a Solaris 10 environment and in deployments using Solaris 10 Containers. Veritas is also offering the option to cluster each individual container or the complete host, which improves host availability as to instances of the virtual operating system residing on the host, the vendor claimed.

Volume Replicator 4.1 replicates and recovers critical data regardless of the type of application or database being run in the environment, not just for Solaris 10 but also for Oracle RAC databases, Veritas said. Volume Replicator offers synchronous or asynchronous replication of clustered databases to help protect customers from storage outages and enable quick database recovery. Veritas also added bandwidth throttling for better performance and flexibility of data replication over IP. Bandwidth throttling helps reduce network replication costs by limiting peak replication activity and freeing bandwidth for other critical applications, according to Veritas.

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Veritas Storage Foundation, Cluster Server and Volume Replicator will be available in April. Pricing per server for Storage Foundation starts at $1,495; Cluster Server starts at $2,995; and Volume Replicator starts at $4,495.