Iomega Adds New Storage Solutions For SMBs

The new products reflect an increased attention to small- and medium-sized businesses. "One of the driving forces behind our strategy," said Wayne Arvidson, director, professional storage services, Iomega Corporation, "is that we see increasing opportunity for small/medium businesses to be using NAS (network attached storage). Many of these companies go out and purchase general servers, using them as file sharing servers, and for back up and disaster. NAS allows them to add storage and aggregate their storage costs effectively in a very easy environment."

Ease of use is, in fact, an important consideration for this market segment. "In the past couple of years," said Arvidson, "we've seen that one area that gets cut in companies is IT support. So trying to make things simple and easy to maintain for the overall market is critical."

Iomega's new REV 35GB Internal Drive with SATA (Serial ATA) interface gives users the speed and cabling advantages of the Serial ATA, or SATA, interface. The 35GB REV disk is smaller than a deck of playing cards (10 x 77 x 75 mm) and delivers read-write performance of up to 25 MB/sec. (maximum native transfer rate) with an estimated one million rewrites. Other available REV models feature USB, ATAPI, FireWire, or SCSI computer interfaces.

The 200d Series 320GB Drive with Iomega REV storage offers NAS services and REV 35GB storage backup in a desktop box. All Iomega 200d storage servers come standard with Computer Associates' eTrust Antivirus Software version 7.1.

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The NAS 300r Series storage server is available in three rack mount models with capacities ranging from 320GB to 500GB. It comes standard with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 with unlimited client access licenses (CALs), hot-swappable 7200-rpm drives, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 database support, dual Gigabit Ethernet connection and an Ultra 160 SCSI interface.

All three products ship with Iomega Automatic Backup Pro (IAB Pro) software.

The Iomega NAS 200d Series 320GB has a list price of $1,399 for the base model, $1,899 with a REV drive built-in, and $2,099 with Microsoft Windows Print Server option. The Iomega NAS 200d Series 480GB has a list price of $1,999 and $2,599 with Microsoft Windows Print Server option. The Iomega NAS 200d Series 750GB with Microsoft Windows Print Server has a list price of $3,199.