Bell Microproducts Adds Fujifilm Media Products

Bell Microproducts will be added to a lineup of distributors that already includes Tech Data, Ingram Micro, Synnex and D&H, according to Rich Gadomski, vice president of marketing for the division of Fujifilm. Bell Microproducts will support the line with its roster of logistics, value-added and financial services, said Joe Cousins, vice president of computer product sales and marketing for San Jose, Calif., distributor.

Demand for digital tapes and DVDs manufactured by Fujifilm remains strong, said Gadomski, who added that the vendor will roll out a suite of data center services, beginning April 1. Those services, to be performed by companies contracted by Fujifilm, include data recovery operations, data conversion projects, litigation work and environmental assessment projects.

Fujifilm later hopes to augment these services using partners that can assess how best to protect digital media within the data center. Evaluating the effectiveness of data backup and recovery has become ever more valuable in today's regulatory environment.

Fujifilm is close to delivering its next set of products that use a new nanocubic coating, allowing Fujifilm to create tape cartridges capable of holding up to 1 terabytes of data, Gadomski said. The next step, he said, will be to leverage that technology to reach 10 terabytes of data per cartridge.

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Fujifilm cartridges use computer chips to index, and thus more easily retrieve, data.

Fujifilm's primary competitors are Imation and Maxell. It also competes in the digital media aftermarket with Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM and Quantum.

SCOTT CAMPBELL contributed to this article.