IBM Previews DB2 Running On Storage Array

IBM's DS 8000 storage arrays make use of the same Power 5 processors used in IBM iSeries and pSeries machines. In the future, IBM said it hopes to partition a subset of those processors to run DB2 on the array alongside processors running IBM's storage management software.

Prashant Pandey, an IBM researcher working on autonomic storage in the company's Technology and Applications Computer Science Group, would not commit to timetables for the project. But he said initial applications will focus on business continuity and reducing cost of ownership for customers.

Longer term, Pandey said customers ultimately may see a performance advantage using this approach because all the processors in the array share the same backplane. In addition, data-centric applications such as business intelligence programs may benefit by running on top of DB2 on the array, Pandey said.

"We'll be working with our partners to develop new applications as we develop this," he said.

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